Saturday, September 25, 2010

Whappen staHHr?

Peace and love,
So much to share. so many beautiful, powerful and positive things have been occurring. The ebb and flow of life is so unpredictable, you can be down and out one day, the next you can be at the pyramids of Giza. Never give up. I returned from Oslo Norway about a week ago, and I'm still reeling. It was such life changing experience, musically, spiritually.. I will share footage from my trip and once I wrap my brain around everything, I will do a blog about the experience. I've also been in the lab, working on new music. We will be sharing something next week, so stay tuned. New videos on the way as well and if you'll be in town for it, I'll be performing at the A3C festival. That's all for now. 2 H's...

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