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Go Veggies!

Peace and love... By popular demand, I will be sharing some gems for the beginner vegetarian/vegan and the veggie-curious. Stay tuned for updates... While you wait, feast your eyes on these delectable plates of Ethiopian vegetarian food. Spicy, filling and animal free.

Ethiopian Music - Fiker Addis Nekatibeb - Nama

Before we "dropped like it's hot", "jerked", "crumped" or "Bankhead Bounced".. noting new under the sun. Bizu fikirinna burukotch (much love and blessings) to ALL descendants of ancient Kush.

Auset- The Mother Principle

METU NETER Vol.1, Pg. 233-235
The Goddess Auset is the embodiment of those intuitive and instinctive faculties that lay deep within our psyche, governing our ability to care for and nurture others. People in whom this faculty is strongly developed are very protective, caring and nurturing. These qualities, amongst the Kamitians and other Africans, were most desirable in mothers and wives.

In traditional Aboriginal/Asiatic(African) culture, social role models are based on organized laws that take in and integrate all aspects of man's being. It is an indisputable fact that women, as a whole, have a lower metabolic rate, and a higher para-sympathetic output than men. Among many functions, the para-sympathetic nervous system governs reproduction, gestation, and the trance states. These are the principles upon which womens roles in traditional culture are defined. Activities that over stimulate the sympathetic (military, hunting, those requiring psychic aggressiveness), or diminish the capacity of the para-sympathetic functions were discouraged in women. The toll to be paid is in the reduction of the quality of childbearing, social peace and harmony, and spiritual inspiration. The latter is to be understood from the intimate relationship between the para-sympathetic and trance. As religion concerns itself with the inner realm of being, its main means, therefore, is the process of trance. It is a state in which an individual's externalizing faculties are "detached from the will," allowing the focus of consciousness to be internalized. Proficiency in this state of internalized consciousness gives the individual full acquaintance with the metaphysical realm. On one hand, communication becomes possible with the two classes of entities dwelling therein-the "living dead" (ancestors), and the spirits or natural intelligences (angels, deities) that administer the phenomena of the world. On the other hand, first hand knowledge of man's metaphysical vehicles (the deities of the tree of life making up his spiritual being), and his true relation with God, the divine laws, and the world is attained. Participation in Asiatic rituals will reveal that women in general can enter into the states of trance with greater ease than men. This is why societies that utilize trance working in their religious practices have a greater appreciation and respect for women, and protect their capacity for prophetic inspiration by safeguarding them from such activities as soldiering, policing, etc.

Auset as "Mother of all living things," corresponds to the stage of conception of the will to achieve a specific goal. This conception, the uniting of the will (an image of what is to be achieved) to the life-force, (Ra) is achieved through mediumistic trance. It is interesting to note that in the Kamitic language, the word "Tut" means "to clothe", "image", "to beget", etc. Out of ignorance, most of the time that people declare the will to achieve a specific goal they are in a state of externalized consciousness (non-emotional state), or verbalize it, and therefore fail to impress the idea upon the life-force. The same name, "Mother of the Gods and the living", is made for Het-Heru, but her function deals with the gestation of the impregnated idea (daydreams in which we are enjoying the objective). In our discussion of Ausar above, we discussed the origin and meaning of Auset's name. We must add that her "special name" as Khenemet Aunkhet, also conceals the fact that she is also to be invoked through the heka "Aung" (Aunk-note that g and k are interchangeable). In this role she shares many of the attributes of the Dravidian White Tara Goddess who combines both the qualities of Ausar and Auset. This name, Khenemet Aunkhet which denotes the "water of life and fertility", is also applied to Het-Heru. As such she corresponds to the Dravidian Green Tara. The healing and fertility giving powers of this heka "Aung Tang" has been proven many times in the Auset and Het-Heru shrines of the Ausar Auset Society.

© Ra Un Nefer Amen

Editor's Note: Aboriginal and Asiatic were used in the interest of correcting the misnomer "African" and respecting the multitude of nations that make up Amexem/Alkebulan/Asia/Ta-meri/etc.

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staHHr, John Robinson, and Homeboy Sandman free$tyle at Wesleyan Univ. Pt 1

staHHr, John Robinson and Boy Sand blinding them with science.. straight off the nugget, no pre-writtens... spontaneous freshness. Yes! Repost ANY OF THESE to your heart's content. Let's go viral!!

staHHr, John Robinson, and Homeboy Sandman free$tyle at Wesleyan Univ. PT 2

staHHr goes veggie ham TOTALLY on this one. You know what the 2 H's are for.. and if you didn't, now you do. I'm a vessel, a channel for my ancestors. ALL SPONTANEOUS lyrical hip hop spirituals. Rock wit' me. Let's go viral with this!

staHHr, John Robinson, and Homeboy Sandman free$tyle at Wesleyan Univ. Part 3


Straight building! Yep, she rhymes better than you.

Kil Ripkin-Aftermath pt. 1/New

Straight building! Yep, he rhymes better than you.

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New music from Methuzulah (formerly known as Mojo Swagger). Peep it!

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When I designed the new staHHr logo, I sought something universal, "simple" and visually appealing. I desired something that would convey many different things to many different types of beings simultaneously, as well as trigger ancestral memory and activate the volumes of information stored in our DNA. A student of ancient Khemet/Kush, I was drawn to the symbols of that region instantly. The shen stood out the most, because it spoke to EXACTLY what I was vibrating on personally as well as what we as a whole would benefit from tapping in to as we realign and shift paradigms: longevity, protection, leadership, feminine principle, etc. Any name (ren) encapsulated in the shenu (elongated shen, you may have seen it referred to erroneously as a "cartouche") is said to protect both the name and bearer of the name from negativity and give them longevity. The tiet (knot) at the base of the shen represents eternal life, Auset/Isis, power and if we added a djed pillar (column, male principle) to the bottom, we would have an ankh, a symbol of eternal life, the combined power or womb, man and child, etc. The star in the center of the shen is representative of my name, staHHr, as well as of the womb, women, the five elements of nature, the five divine/universal principles love, truth, peace, freedom and justice, etc. These symbols have multiple meanings depending on the time and place where they are used. My research brought these meanings forward for me to share and I will that you will take the time to ingest this information and trigger those memories. The following info is from:

Shen Ring


"Appearance: The shen ring is at first glance a circle with a horizontal line in a tangent along its bottom edge. However the shen is more than meets the eye. The shen was a stylized loop of rope with each end visible.
Meaning: In many cultures, the circle was a symbol of "eternity." Such symbolism is evident in familiarities such as the wedding ring of Western cultures, the Gnostic ouroboras and the ying-yang of China.
The same is true of the shen ring. Deriving its name from the root shenu (to encircle), it was almost always a symbol of eternity. However, the shen ring also held the idea of "protection." It most often carried this connotation when seen in its elongated variation, the cartouche; which surrounded the birth and throne names of the Pharaohs.
The shen frequently appeared depicted in the claws of the avian forms of the falcon-god Heru/Horus and various vulture goddesses. An example of this can be seen to the right. The shen was also depicted at the base of the notch palm branches held by the god of eternity, Heh."

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LMNO & KEV BROWN - "YA KNOW" - music video

One of my favorite albums of the year easily. enjoy!

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When I'm not writing rhymes, rocking mics, or expanding my insight, you can find me with yarn and a hook, creating visual art. I specialize in custom pieces. Email me for moor details:

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An array of  16's from some of Atlanta's finest... and it's FREE! Enjoy!


This is one of the coolest, most humble and extremely talented mcees/lyricists that I have the pleasure of  knowing. As if he isn't fresh enough, he also cares about the planet and what he consumes, so we connect on many levels. The brother's catalog is stellar... get up on him if you aren't already. Below is a link to purchase "The  Good Sun" on iTunes. Cop that!


If you can't take your bitters straight no chaser, this one may be hard to swallow. Observing this whole BP debacle, which got me thinking. We take for granted just how deeply intertwined injustice and blatant lack of disrespect for our ancestors is sometimes. Imma keep it funky, light your Nag Champa, Sai Flora or burn your essential oils, you know, do what you do. Have you ever really thought about what fossil fuels are exactly? Basic earth science taught us that fossils are remains of once living, organic matter.That organic matter includes plants, animals, etc. Now, let's look at where most fossil fuels come from geographically. What types of people are indigenous to and/or highly populate these areas? Making the connection? Melanin, dark matter, carbon, oil, there is a connection there. Melanin dominant beings tend to be indigenous to and/or highly populate the areas they drill for oil in. Oil is akin to blood, the Earth's blood.. the blood of those indigenous to, or of the land. My aboriginal, indigenous family can surely follow that line of reasoning, as should anyone with the ability to think rationally. The Earth is going through metamorphosis, cleansing, realignment right now, heavy, as is evidenced by the many so-called natural disasters. Let's look at where these things are occurring on the planet as well. ALL life comes into this realm from the dark matter/womb of our mother/womb of the earth (unless you were formed in a test tube)The first mother has been proven over and over again to be the Aboriginal/Asiatic/African woman, monuments, paintings, sculptures, writings, etc support this. So this oil, this blood of the Earth, from the womb of the Great Mother is being tapped, harvested, spilled unnecessarily, taken without permission. And you wonder why volcanoes, sink holes, floods, frog infestations, etc are popping off? The "fossils" that are comprised of the remains of Melanin dominant beings have a potency unmatched. There is no coincidence this pipeline burst where it did. Melanin recessive beings have been doing everything from castrating and preserving genitals in Ma-Son jars for later consumption to putting Sara Baaartman's buttocks on display in museums to scalping (crown chakra) indigenous peoples to staging abductions of melanin dominant male children to harvest pineal gland melanin stores since their creation. Louisiana geographically is an area where the fossil fuels within the earth are no doubt ripe with melanin dominant remains. Perhaps it's the energy of those that were murdered during Hurricane Katrina? Are you following me? This "oil" is blood, the blood of the original g-ds in flesh, those that brought forth the first technologies, sciences, languages, civilizations.. The blueprint for this realm and beyond. It's time to really see things for what they are. You can only take, abuse, exploit, dishonor and disrespect the Great Mother for so long before she snatches you up and puts you in check. You can even see this within the melanin dominant women. A great number of us are awakening and tapping in to who we are, and the way women have been treated historically, specifically original woman, is in line with how Earth is being treated. We are that, so when you hurt, malign, exploit and abuse us, you are doing that to the Earth and vice versa. The devilish and demonic powers that be are very much aware that the chaos they have been created to cause has reached the "time's up" mark. As a result, many of these things we see going on globally are being manipulated to counteract what they have been setting off for centuries, as if their machinery is any match for Mother Nature. As these plates shift and things realign, it is prime time for those in tune, seeking to be in tune to pay attention to your intuition ( first thought or gut feeling). If you've noticed you just haven't been "feeling" the same or you "feel" like something is about to happen, go with that. Don't be so quick to buy into the propaganda. This "blood spill" affects you, even if you are not aware, because those "fossil fuels" are your ancestors. We all have to respect our mother, the mother principle(women in general). That may be a challenge for some, and all I can say to those that can't get with it is that you came here through the womb and that's how you will exit. Respect her! Lotus 5000.