Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Unlocking ...

"It's just hair".. or is it? I recently released a set of locks that I'd had just 2 months shy of seven years. Prior to the locks, I had braids/afro, which were the result of me cutting off another set of locks circa April 2002. I've worn my hair natural since 1995, and had every style of natural hair under the sun. Based on my magnificently wooly, 9 ether crown, locks were the most practical. They were also part of  my spiritual journey at the time. As I grew, they grew. I had become very attached to them, moor so then I was even aware until I started snipping away. Our hair holds energy and experiences, both positive and negative. As much as I loved my waist length locks, things had come to a point that if I was going to move ahead in life and conquer the objectives and undergo the necessary transformations needed to elevate, the hair had to go. Why? Because my hair had been so integrally involved in everything, and i mean EVERYTHING, (personal, business, spiritual, etc) I'd done for the past eight years, I was holding ... and not all in a "good" way. Upon the first snip, I instantly felt weight lifted ... felt free ... all the things I'd gone through, all the highs, the lows, were moving. I was snipping furiously, so there was no turning back ... I had to be ok with whatever the end result would be. An hour later with a bag of locks and an unevenly sheared head of wool ... I looked in the mirror and smiled ... I was FREE!!! Feeling like a massive weight was lifted, I had successfully removed myself from "that" box. The keys I had been seeking and couldn't quite grasp had finally clicked in the lock, Spiritual awareness is certainly not defined by nor limited to length of, nor absence of hair. I know this, yet for some reason, I wasn't allowing myself to apply it holistically.  I had held on to those locks too long, I'd literally outgrown them but just couldn't let go. I love navigating my vessel from this vantage point, no limitations, no barriers, limitless options, a feeling of true oneness with ALL, wings spread, head high, light beaming ... walking like I've been talking. Khameelah has emerged from the cocoon ... F-R-E-E!!!


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  1. Beautiful, real, & very innerstandable!

    ~ Naeink