Sunday, April 18, 2010

Untitled as of yet.. A work in progress:

Stargazer lillies are my favorite flowers/used to find me at the bar tequila shots or amaretto sours/
menthol cigarettes-was a veteran of club hopping before the age of 21-stopping/
after an incident, I call it intevention/cause I was like a grenade missing the lynchpin/
since then, cleaning up like Rosie or florence/expunged the record-no open cases, no warrants/
My only felony is murdering melodies/so what you telling me-is ridiculous like Columbus discovering America/ healer preparing ya- Mastering modalities from my inner galaxies/ Quasars and red giants/risky homie don't try it/ Pulling a fast one? Somebody gassed son/Fabulous terror- time for sum akshun Reaction is withdraw/defensive she at war- 24/7-really all she need is love All she want is love-all of the above/
Self generated, then it can be reciprocated/ Once she tap into her power- the spots obliterated/
Meaning it's blown up-say word?Sho' nuff/ Glow like leroy Bruce/juice fresh squeezed/vitamin seize grip mics can't breathe/carbon monoxide Bubbling-spit peroxide/extra thorough/de narrow straight to the marrow/ get in em like Murray/everything well curry...