I love this line. Period. The fragrances, texture and consistency are always balanced.  Mane Puddin is my latest addiction. :) I recommend the Golden Dragon Tonic for blemishes, burns, etc.. works wonderfully. Oh, and the Marigold infused massage oil is the jump off. Keep makin' the grind beautiful Mama Moon! Salute!

Honeysuckle Moon: Specializing in botanical integumentary (skin) treatments and all
natural grooming regimens for DredLocs. Please ask about our effective
and affordable products for the maintenance skin affected by eczema.

Clean skin that naturally breathes is what the world needs...This is a
Divine gift of spa that's artistic, ecological, economical, and all
about the application of our earthen elements with at-home ease...

 Yes Lioness

 (photo by Eagle Eye Photography)

Yes Lioness' creator, Marjorie Borgella, is a talented artist of many mediums (visual, writing, art instructor, etc). This sister's work is phenomenal and empowering. Her book "The Art of Being a Goddess" is a must have; and no living space, office, place with walls, would be complete without one of her unique prints. Look for her at some of the festivals this summer and check her website for updates and shopping.


Last count, I probably had close to 30 of these wraps. Sis. Nilajah has the market cornered on head wraps as far as I'm concerned. I have been a loyal supporter since 2003 when I started this set of loc, and I must say, it is hard to get me to wear any other type of wrap. Any color combination you can think of, she has and most wraps are 100% cotton. All Things Rasta also has various cultural gear, patches, Ethiopian traditional garments, DVDs, soaps, you name it she probably has it. 

Conscious Alchemy
Vegan, Fair Trade and Organic, an eco-friendly, body care wet dream right here. Big ups to Kephri at Conscious Alchemy. she has custom made hair oils and essential oil blends for me, and her soaps are out of this world. The MSM lotion(for joint pain and muscle aches, etc.) and the Empress oil blend for moon time are wonderful.

Learn More about the MOORS

Still have yet to read this book, it is on my to do list before summer 2010 though. The Golden Age of the Moor by historian Dr. Ivan Van Sertima.

Below check out a portion of a lecture by Dr. Van Sertima on the Moors.



This is what's happening under all the long skirts. I am such a sock fiend.. i can not get enough! Knee socks rule!!

Of course the sock fetish pales in comparison to the shoe jones. I'm magnetizing a pair of each of these (9.5 MEN's) into my life currently. if you'd like to contribute, my Paypal is...



Jungle 45 has the t -shirt game on smash! My brother Goldi Gold uses color in ways that make my inner Starbrite and Punky Brewster do back flips. Goldi is a man of many talents, (check the "Almost Neva Was" album cover and staHHr t-shirts) check his blog for the get right. Salute Fam!!

For more on GOLDI:

 Mega love out to Akanke Zuri of Outrechique for the beautiful, custom made Lapis Lazuli and Blue Lace Agate earrings and necklace/waist beads I'm wearing.This sister is super talented and her attention to detail is supreme. She also can freak the crochet needle something sirius. Salute mama!!


Moor love, Moor light to the Qabala God. I'm loving this drop (as in dropping science)! Piercing the veil of religion and myth from a Moorish and metaphysical perspective. Salute!


"FTP Catering strives to promote healthy living and eating- not to enforce or encourage a particular diet. We also offer gluten and sugar free option- as well as variations of any recipe that will suit your dietary needs and tastes."

RBG salute to my sistas dr. taj anwar and Eboni Joy, Feeding The People the goodness. Health is wealth; invest in yours!


"Boogie B the butta for the toast". This one right mfin' here... she is incredible! The Grind Season Mixtape is just a taste of what's to come. I'm honored to have been a part of this project. Just a warning, you might want to eat breakfast/lunch/dinner before you listen to it, Boog is eating mcee's food like its nothing.Salute!


Wellness Warrior and Ankhs to my beloved brother Supa Nova Slom, the hip hop Medicine Man. His works and commitment to the people and community is inspiring and uplifting; when I build with Nova, I truly feel like whatever it is I have my intentions set on I can manifest it. The Remedy is a five-week plan to detox, burn fat and rebuild the mind and body. In addition, Supa Nova is also a fierce mc/lyricist and motivational speaker; that's healing on every angel. Health is (w)holistic!