Friday, November 25, 2011


Just in time for Hip Hop History Month, a retrospective compilation of staHHr’s stand out features, remixes, collaborations and take overs spanning the past 11 years (2000-current). Mixed and mastered by DJ Deliver. I chose the extremely powerful, mystical 11/11/11 gateway to bring forth this audible reflection upon where I’ve come from in the past 11 years musically, etc. as well as the starting point for where I’m headed ( “Mother Ntr with a Molotov Vol. 1″ soon come). Whether you’re a long time staHHr enthusiast that’s been on board since my first recorded appearance in 1998 (MVPS stand up) or you’ve just recently discovered me, I will that you will enjoy this trip down memory lane, this moment of sankofa (going back and getting; seeing where you’ve come from so that you’ll know where you’re going). I’ve had a few releases that were put out with my name misspelled or under another psuedonym, thus “That Was You?” is to clear up any confusion and set the record straight .. that yes, that WAS me. :) You can purchase the download and listen to “That Was You”? here now.

Much love and gratitude to all of the mcs, singers, and producers that I co-created with. If you aren’t familiar, you’ll definitely want to check them out too.

Your support and love are priceless, and you truly are a FAMbase. LOVE!!

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