Monday, June 28, 2010

Go Veggies!

Peace and love... By popular demand, I will be sharing some gems for the beginner vegetarian/vegan and the veggie-curious. Stay tuned for updates... While you wait, feast your eyes on these delectable plates of Ethiopian vegetarian food. Spicy, filling and animal free.


  1. Thank you in advance. My co-worker & I are headed back to veganism after a looong hiatus and are always looking for inspiration!

  2. Your'e welcome sis. Check the El's Kitchen section, that's where I'll be posting most of the info.

  3. Asante sana for the help. I used to be a vegetarian but fell off the wagon. I was a Afrikan Holistic and Heal Thy self follower for a long time. I don't know what possess me to go back to eating the dead carcass of chickens. Well any way, Asante sana again for the assistance.