Monday, March 22, 2010

On the Real…

While working on my current musical projects, I’ve been motivated to write a lot more about life, verses just a bunch of abstract lyricals. This was not my intention, I just write from the soul and whatever comes out I work with, so I’m working with it; fusing life and abstract and coming up with some things I always wanted to express and didn’t quite know how. Most people can identify with authenticity, aka “being real”, even if they haven’t gone through the same thing, they can relate to the vibe. When we are able to push past our insecurities and fears, therein lies a refreshing and healing experience. Sharing your truth and your experiences is always a trip, because it could go so many ways. Being vulnerable is, for me, what the core of authentic art and expression is. Vulnerability takes strength and courage, way more than most of us are socialized or conditioned to acknowledge. I look forward to sharing some exclusives with my fambase soon, so stay tuned…

Peace and love,


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  1. The new shit's gonna be so dope. i can feel it.